Why Being Able to Control Your Home From Your Smartphone Make’s Your Life Easier

For years, the idea of a fully automated home that you could talk to remotely was the fantasy of science fiction. The reality eventually arrived years ago. However, back then initial investment costs meant that such luxuries were unattainable for the masses.


Fortunately, today, technology has advanced dramatically, bringing investment costs to a more reasonable level. For just a few hundred dollars, you can automate your home with devices that allow you to remotely access your home from your smartphone. Now anyone can control their home with just a quick tap of the screen, saving money and securing their home in the process. 


Motion Sensor Cameras

Imagine if your home told you when someone was inside your home from the moment they entered. That technology is a reality with motion sensor cameras. These devices will activate and record only when motion is detected within their path. They will then alert you and provide a live feed of what is happening in your home. You can see who is there and alert the local authorities within seconds of notification regardless of your current location.


Security Systems

Technology has made home security systems easier to deal with in recent years. Thanks to mobile computing technology, the old control box on the wall is obsolete. Today, you can access your entire security system from your smartphone. You have the ability to turn on security cameras remotely and monitor your children or pets. You can program your security to notify you in the event of fire or a break in. Also you can monitor the carbon monoxide levels in your home to keep you family safe and healthy.


Smart Keys

Never get locked out your home again. With smart keys, your smartphone becomes your home key as a remote access door monitor. You will instantly see which doors are locked and unlocked at any time. Additionally, you can provide temporary access to friends and family if they need to check on things while you’re away from home. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about carrying a spare set of keys in the car. 


Caring for Pets

Leaving pets alone during the day or for a quick overnight stay can be nerve wracking if you’re constantly wondering about their care. Several new apps on the market allow you to remotely monitor and feed your pets while you’re away. 



With today’s cash strapped economy, controlling energy costs is essential.


Remotely assessed thermostats allow you to monitor the temperature in your home with your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Using this feature, homeowners can modify programmed settings on their thermostats to adjust for changes that happen in their schedules. For example, if your thermostat is programmed to adjust the home temperature 30 minutes prior to your family’s arrival, but your family decides to go out to dinner, you can adjust the time setting to compensate for this change.


By using your thermostat and HVAC system primarily when the home is occupied, you will greatly reduce the energy used on heating and cooling and see significant savings in your home heating costs.



Similar to the remote access thermostat, you can control all your home lighting remotely through your smartphone. While this feature will also reduce costs, its primary function is to act as a security deterrent against crime. Criminals who may be interested in your home look for any sign that you and your family are away. Using your smartphone to remotely activate lights in random rooms will give the illusion of an occupied home even if you hundreds of miles away.

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