Useful tips towards hosting a conference call using different means

Hosting a conference call may be considered as one of the preferred modes of communication especially for training and disseminating data to both small and large groups of staffs. Such conference calls are also proved to be beneficial for conducting school or college level seminars. There are many companies that allow users to host both free and paid conference call. So if you own a small promising company, you can host a free conference call to communicate with your employees. However, if you want to host a paid call, you need to chalk it up to your limited budget. An effective conference call must have some basic elements.

Besides business purpose, you can use conference call to conduct communication with a number of family members or friends at once. And for this purpose hosting a free conference call would be a better option for you.

Here are the steps towards hosting free conference calls. There are many means for hosting a conference call. You can use your cell phone, Take advantage of business internet services or use an online free conference call service provider to conduct a conference call for free.

  1. Host a free conference call using cell phone – Using a cell phone is perhaps the easiest way to host a free conference call. Many people are not aware that they have the option of making and hosting free conference call on their cell phone. Most phones allow conference calls for up to 3 users, while some smart phones allow up to 6 people. General guidelines to host a conference call through a cell phone are – 1) Call the first participant and get him on line; 2) Press the ‘hold’ button on your phone and then dial the second number; 3) Now a conference screen will appear; select ‘yes’ option; 4) This way add other 3 parties and then you can start hosting the conference call. However, if the process doesn’t work on your particular cell phone, check the user’s manual or conduct a quick search to find the guidelines for having a conference call for free.
  2. Host a free conference call using Internet – Create a Skype account and use it to host a free conference callAll you need to do is to – 1) Add people you like to call to your contact list, 2) select ‘conference call’ option from drop-down Calls menu, 3) select contacts that you like to add to the conference and then start the call. You can add even more people after initializing the free conference call.
  3. Host a free conference call using a free online service – This is perhaps the most convenient way of hosting a free conference call. There is no dearth of online companies that allow people to sign up with them to host free conference calls. If you want to use such a service, you need to sign up with your preferred one to create a free account and get a number. You will also get a unique ‘access code’ which will be assigned to you so that you can host a free conference call. Now send the number to the people you like to have joined the conference. You should inform them about the time that you like them to call in. You can add as much as 20 people for free. After every participant calls in, start your call. You may record your calls for future reference.

Conference calls are an efficient way to hold meetings especially when working with people abroad. There are many webcasting services that provide multiple ways of hosting conference calls and can help set up any call for you.

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