Social Media in IT Service Management

It is near impossible for some people nowadays to not go a single day without using social media – it has become an integral part in people’s lives. But what impact has the dramatic increase in social media users had on the IT Service Management industry?

Companies have been forced to innovate and integrate popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter into their IT Service Management system. Due to the pervasive technology that is Social Media, the majority of users using it are turning to it as a default source of information and a default method of contacting a company.

Social media takes up so much of a consumer’s time and life that it makes tremendous sense for businesses to embed their customer support where customers are likely to be most – on social media platforms. One of the most common annoyances of the consumer/customer service clerk relationship is being unable to reach the help desk and not getting timely support, social media fixes that problem as the support is exactly where the consumer is, improving this experience no end.

Whether people are confused, annoyed or just seeking advice and guidance, the question will often be put forward via a social media channel. These social media channels offer a business a chance to be transparent with their answers allowing all users to see their response.

With all of this in mind, it makes tremendous sense for IT Service Management software companies to incorporate software and staff able to deal with queries, questions and grievances by consumers. Looking at the IT service desk, coupled with social media, this can surely optimise the customer service experience for consumers and employees.

Focus on the IT Service desk has grown dramatically within large corporations in recent years and the need to provide good customer service has been exaggerated through many high profile negative cases. Companies are now looking to align the IT user experience with consumer interfaces with which they are most familiar with – social media.

When IT service management tools are combined with social media they can help to improve the IT support experience by facilitating a rapid, efficient and customer-centric service.


Advantages of the social media / service desk alliance

  • Social media tools used within an organisation allow a greater number of support specialists to be alerted to a problem, to contribute to the solution and be educated about the solution for future use
  • You can ‘follow’ certain topics, people, incidents and changes to business services that may affect your role. This allows you to be instantly alerted when something does change
  • Social media allows you to share important knowledge and also retain knowledge shared by relevant followers
  • Around 40% of people have used a social media platform to contact a big company to either complain or seek assistance, nearly 75% of which have said it was a better way than call centres
  • With almost 15,000 complaints a day about financial services last year, incorporating a modern IT Service Management system within that industry is vital
  • Replies on social media platforms are immediate, therefore no waiting for 24 hours for a reply for the consumer = much better customer service experience for the consumer
  • By using social media in your IT Service Management System, you are giving the consumer a much more personal experience and in turn, they’ll have a better opinion of the company
  • The conversation that a business has with a consumer on a social media platform is transparent, meaning that everyone can see it and gives the consumer the impression that they are in control. When handled well, this can be a huge advantage for businesses.
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