Now That You Have Your Website Set Up, Let’s Talk Instagram

Seeing up your website for your blog or business is the first step to attacking the online market and one this is complete, it is time to start looking towards social media as an outlet which you can use to let people know about your new website. Simply building a website and expecting people to suddenly know who you are is not going to happen and you need to be covering all bases in terms of spreading the word. The best social media channels which you should use to drive people to your website are Facebook and Twitter but today I want to talk more about setting up your Instagram, a great way of giving exposure to you brand.

Why Instagram?

Instagram makes it pretty difficult for people to migrate away from the site and so you should be looking to this social media channel as a way to bring about awareness of your brand, products and services. The reason for this is because Instagram only uses images which makes it impactful and visual and shows off who you are to the world.

Attracting Followers

I have always found that attracting followers on Instagram is much easier than on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. To start with you could give yourself a leg-up and pay for real Instagram followers which is a service that many companies offer online where they will manage your account in a  way that attracts more followers. If you don’t want to part with any cash, you can follow these tips to gain more followers.


Engaging with others is not only recommended so that you can become a key part of the Instagram community, but also so that you can help to gain more followers and encourage engagement on your own content. Try to look for people who operate within your niche and look for great content which resonates with you, once you have found it, simply leave a comment or two. Follow this pattern for an hour or two each day and you will soon see the benefits that it will have on your own site.

Great Content

There is a real art to creating great content on Instagram and you should spend a lot of time with each image to make sure that it is just right. Your image may get 2 seconds of viewing time from your followers so you really need to light their world up with your content during this time. Think about filters, colors as well as the message that you are sending out with your content. Great content will always win on Instagram and whether you are looking for more engagement, more followers or more sales for your business, it all starts with high quality content.

Don’t forget about Instagram when you are setting up your online profile, it is a key tool for businesses and for individuals.

2 years ago

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