How 3D Technology is Changing the Classroom

When most of us were kids, the only experience we had with 3D items was perhaps a poster on our bedroom wall or a movie here and there in the theater. It was nothing spectacular but the 3D action could only be seen with a special pair of glasses. Jaws 3D and a few monster movies were pretty popular just because it looked like all of these creatures were emerging from the screen to attack you. We would all jump out of our seat and have a good giggle afterward. This was the extent of our use of 3D technology.

Today’s Age

While back then was merely the starting point of 3D imagery, it has changed dramatically over the last decade. Of course, we still have 3D films, but it has grown to encompass some amazing technology. If you are a fan of virtual reality, then you know exactly how this industry has changed. No longer are you just playing normal video games on a screen or watching a movie on your television, but now you are actually living the game or taking part in the movie. Virtual reality puts you right in the action and it is like a whole world has been created around you. It is amazingly lifelike as your actions affect how the rest of the characters and scenery responds.

Classroom Use

Education is stepping back a bit from relying mainly on the textbook and looking towards other avenues that the students can benefit from. No longer are students required to flip pages and tediously follow along as the teacher reads straight out of the textbook at the lecture podium. Now there are computer programs in place that will provide the students almost real-life experience as they learn about various topics including Science, Art, Mathematics, and History just to name a few.

SOLIDWORKS Can Guide Your Classroom

SOLIDWORKS Education is just one of the programs that students are loving in classrooms around the globe. Providing both education and research, it enables the students and teacher to acquire knowledge without having to be tied down to a textbook. The imagery brings topics to life and gains the students’ attention instantly. If you are interested in using this technology at home or in the classroom for your own children, it would be a good idea to use the SOLIDWORKS student edition.


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