Don’t Be Sold Short When You Buy Your New Domain Name

When it comes time to set up a new site for your business, be smart. Don’t take the very first offer that comes along. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure that you know exactly what you are getting and how much you will be paying for it. Use the power of the world wide web to your advantage by conducting a price comparison search before you commit to a provider. This is the best way to go when you buy a domain name because it will save you big bucks in the long run. If you’re ready for some high quality tips on how to choose the best provider for your new domain, read on.

Availability is the First Priority that Should Be on Your List

If you can’t contact your domain hosting service provider at any time of the day or night, what’s the use in signing with them? They may leave you high and dry while glitches burn your site to a crisp. Or they may even stand idly by while hackers, phishers, and other cyber criminals ravage your website and ruin your reputation. If you can’t reach your provider with all of your questions, comments, and concerns during normal times, what makes you think they’ll be available to contact when an emergency strikes your site? If they stay out of reach, you need to pass them by.

All of the Services You Require Should Be Included in Your Deal

You aren’t just buying a domain name. You are making use of essential hosting services, such as help with customer calls and full time access to emergency assistance. Each and every service that you desire to be included in your deal with a hosting provider should also be included in the contract that you sign with them. The last thing you need is to discover that a vital service you need for your site comes extra and at a price you can barely afford. If a provider won’t put every last detail in the contract and commit to a price for each, it’s best not to sign with them.

You Should Be Able to Use a Registry Checker to Make Sure Your Name is Unique

One of the most important conveniences that a domain hosting services provider can give you is the ability to use a registry checker to make sure that the name you are thinking of using is absolutely unique. You don’t want to discover that someone else is the owner of your supposedly original name by finding a nasty “cease and desist” letter in your mailbox. Using a domain name registry checker will save you a lot of potential trouble.

The Provider You Sign With Needs to Guarantee Their Services

The final consideration you need to keep in mind is that it’s always nice to have independent corroboration of the reputation of the provider you are thinking of signing with. You want to make sure that they really do have all of the expert skills and qualifications that they claim in their homepage copy. It’s a good idea to ask for proof of their credentials so that you can verify them. This is the mark of a truly reputable and reliable service provider.

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