Collecting Leads with the Use of Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a popular advertising platform. It comprises of search, video, display, and app advertisements. Any website that is within the Google display network will show advertisements that use AdWords.

The main goal of using AdWords is to collect leads and successfully reach out to potential customers. However, Google is very strict as regards the approval of landing pages. Even when your landing page is approved, how much leads you generate would depend on many other factors. Some of these factors include your choice of keywords, Google’s keyword match types, and their search algorithm.

For these reasons, a lot of marketers have given up on using Google AdWords to collect leads. But then, there are some sustainable strategies that can help marketers collect leads with the use of Google AdWords. Here are some of them:


  • Make sure your landing page is Google-friendly.

Google has set standards that advertisers are required to meet. Unless these standards are met, Google will not approve your landing page. Accordingly, there is no point trying to use AdWords if your landing page will not be approved.


The standards set by Google are majorly centered around users’ experience on your landing page and Google’s site policies. You must pay attention to these two when advertising with Google. Here are some few things to take note of:

  • Make sure your content is relevant and useful.
  • Avoid plagiarized content.
  • Any information you provide must be clear and accurate.
  • Ensure that navigation is quick, easy, and straightforward.


  • Strategize well in choosing your keywords.

You need to carefully research and plan out the keywords that you will use for your campaign. Some keywords have a high search volume while some others don’t have as much. You cannot collect leads if your keywords are not relevant to search queries. Therefore, you should carry out some research to determine relevant keywords that can help you collect leads.


You need not worry about how to do this as there are experts that can handle it for you. If your goal isSingapore lead generation, find the right tools that offer higher level research and provide in-depth analysis and planning of keywords and advertisements.


If you don’t want to get help from experts, you might just want to settle in asking your friends for suggestions. Another option is to search for your main keyword on Google. On the search results, you can check the “related searches” list for ideas on the choice of keywords. The list of related searches is usually at the bottom of Google’s search results page.



  • Consider using Ad Extensions.

An ad extension is a good marketing aid. You can use ad extensions to add links, contact information, or even pictures to your ad. If you do this, your advertisements will become more effective. Potential customers can immediately learn more about your products and services through the ad. All of these will work together to help you collect more leads and generate more traffic.



You see, it’s pretty simple. Make your landing page Google-friendly, get the help of experts in strategically choosing your keywords, and consider using ad extensions. These practices will help you collect more leads at a lower cost using Google AdWords.

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