Amazing and Inventive Uses for the Cigarette Lighter in Your Car

If you own a cellphone, chances are that it came with a plug-in charging cord that can be used on any outlet in your home. It’s also likely that you’ve seen a similar product designed to be used in the car – plug the adapter into the cigarette lighter of your car, and you can charge your phone on the go.

This cellphone adapter is only one of many available adapters designed to be used in your vehicle – everything from USB adapters used to plug in flash drives and MP3 players, to portable powered coolers. Ever thought the cigarette lighter in your car was a useless feature? Think again!

Powering Devices

Ever thought that your car could use more modern conveniences? Turns out many people want things to help them out on their morning commute or long road trips, and have come up with some great products that are powered straight through your cigarette lighter.

Want a powered cooler? They’re available. How about an oven? From coffee makers to small portable vacuums, companies are creating new and useful objects every day. There are even kits that help you use your cigarette lighter to jump your car.

Charging Your Devices

You know that your computer has a USB port, but what about your car? From cellphones to MP3 players, most modern devices that hook into a computer can be charged through a USB cable and cord. Grabbing a USB adapter for your vehicle will ensure that your cellphone or MP3 player will never run out of battery while you’re on the road.

There are several options when it comes to purchasing an adapter for your car, and many of them have to do with what features you want. Do you want one port? Two? How about three? All are now available! You’ll want to remember that these ports will be jutting straight out of your dashboard, and may get in the way of your cup holder if it’s a larger adapter. If this is a concern, manufacturer’s are now producing slim and streamline USB adapters, designed to give you power AND cup holder space!

The modern car is a hub of electricity – all you need to harness it is the right adapter or device! From USB adapters to portable ovens and beverage warmers, there’s no end to what you can do with that cigarette lighter in your vehicle.

3 years ago

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