Why You Should Tell People You Have an Advertising Agency Associated With Your Company

Why are some companies reluctant to let people know that they are advertising with a plan? Is it the fear the competition might just copy them or go one step better? Do they think they can monopolize their markets if others don’t know who they are advertising with?

Shrewd managers and business owners are actually opting to identify a single advertiser and letting everyone know about it. Here are a few reasons why you should let others know you already have an ad agency associated with your business.

Reduced Expenses

Having a special ad agency enables you to invest only in what you want when you want it. If people don’t know about your affiliation with a particular ad agency, they will bomb you with offers of which you are likely to accept one or two. Soon you have a separate PR firm, a firm that deals with your traditional advertising and a different one dealing with your direct mails. Since a single agency is likely to offer all this under one roof, you will get these services for less money. These people don’t often need to hire freelancers or subcontractors so your business is unlikely to get stuck paying all the markups.


The aim of every business is to progress consistently. Having different providers is therefore not recommended for any business. If the same person is producing your TV ads and creating your press release plans, you are likely to always have consistent information coming from all your advertisement channels.

Industry Prices

If people know who you are working with, they are likely to take note. This benefits both you and the advertising market in several ways. If business A knows that you are advertising with advertiser X and is well aware of your success or failure in the time you have been with them, they can make up their minds on whether that ad agency is good – for you or them.

While it may appear that this is not beneficial to you, this movement is what shapes industry prices. People will join or desert an advertiser depending on their competence. They will therefore have to reconsider their prices relative to their services.

Creativity and Innovation

How would you expect advertisers to improve if people don’t know what they do? Consumers are the ones who help vendors improve. If advertiser X knows about advertiser Z, then it becomes easy to see what the other is doing and ultimately improve on it. Competition has always been known to be the fuel behind innovations. Businesses enjoy outwitting each other. If you want to play a part in advancements of the advertisement industry, it is important to start telling people who you advertise with.

Improvement in Quality of Services

Telling people about the agency you are working with also ensures that these ad agencies are always providing the best possible customer care service. Their work with you is helping them out if you’re not shy about telling people what they’ve done for you. If an agency is under no pressure to provide quality services, it will not break a sweat to impress. However, if everyone knows about them, they will know that they have to perform to expected standards if they are to remain competitive in the market.

2 years ago

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