Which TV Shows are Trending in Social Media So

Once upon a time, the success of a show was judged almost entirely on its ratings, but today, networks have more metrics to follow than simply ratings. How the show is being discussed on social media also plays heavily into considering a show’s success. Television viewership has now become interactive, and with wireless internet, many fans take to Twitter and Facebook to discuss current happenings. We’ve collected five of the highest trending TV shows this year.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, with nearly half a million tweets in a single day when the season 4 premier episode aired, is a heavy hitter in the Twitterverse. The fantasy drama, based on a novel series, airs on HBO, and is very successful. It has amassed a large following, and those followers regularly take to social channels to discuss the show as it happens. The most popular hashtag or tag #GameofThrones has garnered millions of tweets since the shows inception in 2011. #TwoSwords and #WinterisComing are also popular tags for the show.

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black, the Netflix show that everyone was talking about in early 2014, is back on the trending charts. The series that chronicles a privileged woman’s stint in a women’s jail for her part in a drug ring, had everyone talking during its first season, and now that the show has come back for a second season, both Twitter and Facebook are abuzz with commentary on the show, and how it’s second season plans to focus more on the story lines of each inmate – like the HBO series, Oz. Tweeters use the hashtag #OITNB


Scandal, a show that follows the life of a crisis management team that deals with the president and his office, is a hit for ABC. Now in its fourth season, the show focuses on Olivia Pope, a character largely based on a former presidential press aide. The show deals with public relations crises, but also takes a hard look at the personal lives of those who are on the team.

The show, during its 2014 season, has managed to dominate Twitter trends on the evening it airs. On the April 9 episode, Scandal had six of the top 10 hashtags. While #Scandal is the most popular hashtag for the series, each episode also produces multiple hashtags regarding the plot line.

House of Cards

Another Netflix original, House of Cards, doesn’t offer as strong a showing on the trending board as Orange is the New Black, however, it’s still strong and manages to dominate the trending board when actors join into the twitter conversation to answer fan questions. House of Cards is a political thriller based on a British miniseries and novel series and was first released in 2013 with an entire, 13 episode run.

The second season was released in February of 2014, and has since been renewed for a third season. While Orange is the New Black is trending stronger, House of Cards still has an ample Twitter fan base. It’s less impressive numbers are likely due to the demographic drawn to a political thriller.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, a TLC series about a pint-sized beauty queen and her low-brow family, has become a popular topic of discussion. First starting as U.S-focused, water cooler chat, the show has taken the Twitterverse by storm, and people from around the world are discussing the quirky family and their rather interesting ways.

While the third season of the show wrapped in March, Honey Boo Boo and her clan will be back in the middle of June for specials and, presumably, a new season. While fans wait, they can’t help but discuss the clan and their problems on Twitter and Facebook.

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