The Perfect Remote Working Environment: How to Get Started

More and more companies are allowing their employees to work remotely. Remote working is not only seen as being more effective, but more cost-efficient in the long run. Even Automattic, the company behind WordPress, recently liquidated its San Francisco office in favor of allowing its employees to work remotely.

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Simply letting employees work from remote locations, however, is not enough. For remote working to be effective, the business needs to establish the right working environment. Here are some of the steps you can take to get started with creating the perfect remote working environment for your business.

Secure Communications

The first and most basic element of an effective remote working environment is a secure communication method. Every member of the team needs to be able to communicate with each other effectively and in a secure way. Keep in mind that a lot of sensitive details will be discussed through the communication channel used by employees, which is why security is a big factor.

The healthcare industry and its solutions providers are leading the charge for a better, more secured way of communicating. We now have solutions such as a secure messaging app and a more comprehensive intranet for healthcare professionals to use. The available channels also follow the same strict HIPAA standards as data storage and other supporting solutions.

For most businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, investing in a groupware or an instant messaging platform is a good start. We also have platforms such as Telegram, Skype, and Slack offering secured ways to communicate within a team.

Fluid Data Storage

The second element to add is data storage. Thanks to cloud computing, this is a relatively easy task to tackle. You just have to have a secure cloud space where employees can exchange information and collaborate.

Once again, the existing solutions can be the right solutions for your business. Google and its Gsuite, for instance, offer a wide range of tools that allow for better collaborations. We also have solutions such as Trello and SalesForce offering easy remote access. All of these solutions are cloud-based; there is a trend that can be easily spotted here.

What if you want to establish your own collaborative environment? Once again, cloud technology comes to the rescue. You can have your own entirely private cloud space for running any proprietary solution you might have.

Easy Monitoring

The biggest challenge of them all, however, is creating an effective monitoring system. For a company to allow remote working, it needs to focus more on results than process. By being result-oriented, you are making the environment healthier for team members; you also lower the need for strict monitoring in the process.

Forcing employees to log in during work hours and doing things such as monitoring their screens just doesn’t work anymore. It is much better to give employees the right amount of freedom so that they can work effectively. As long as you can keep goals met and the results up to the company’s standards, you have an effective remote working environment ready to be utilized.

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