Principles of success – Secret to becoming a successful freelance writer

Are you someone who loves to write and you’re looking for working as a freelance writer? Did you have some of your work published in some newspaper editorial column or magazine? Do you think that you just can’t start off your career as a freelance writer since you’re falling short of the qualities that are needed in order to give a jumpstart to your career? If you want to write for a living but you don’t know where to start, the first place is to make sure you have marketable writing skills. Well, not everyone can write novels and even fewer are usually able to write according to changing demands as per bloggers and website owners. Have a look at the skills that you need to have in order to become a freelance writer.


  1. Be realistic enough: We all know that freelance writing can be rewarding, fun and profitable at the same time. But it can also mean long hours of work and tight deadlines. You should be prepared to come across some clients who will simply love your work and some others who will hate it and send you back for revisions and edits. Unless you establish yourself as a pro, you will certainly find it difficult to get your foot in the door. Write samples, take notes, ask questions and take notes. Listen to more and better English if you want to become a good freelance writer.
  2. Try to consider your expertise: One of the biggest issues that are faced by the freelance bloggers is considering and identifying their area of expertise. While there are many writers who are desperate for work, most of them don’t know the exact area where they’re the best. We all know that everyone knows more about something than most. You need to assess your own skills and judge yourself into understanding the topic at which you’re the best. Once you find this out, you should start improving yourself.
  3. Start looking for work: When you’re learning how to become a freelance writer, you should learn the idea of exposing yourself out for work so that you can get easy clients. Submit pitches to websites, webmasters, at schools and wherever you think you will get value. Overcome the psychological hurdle as this is one of the biggest obstacles to cross.
  4. Contact webmasters: Did you know that there are publisher directories where you can publish articles. You can look up for the URLs of publication Web sites and search for their submission guidelines. Once you come to know about the guidelines, you will be able to write according to their requirements. You can also take help of websites like in order to achieve success as a freelance academic writer.
  5. Know how much to charge: Although there’s no hard and fast rule as the rates that you get for writing will depend on different industries. For example, bloggers will be paid less than writers who prepare educational materials. No matter what you’re writing, your aim should be to get top dollar and for that you need to provide high quality content on time. There are many tech and phone support jobs that can be easily outsourced overseas as there are many foreign-based companies.
  6. Proofread your work: Another most important part of becoming a successful freelance writer is to proofread your work instead of relying on grammar checkers and spell checkers. Most such software makes mistakes and hence you should trust your own skills and knowledge. Proofread our work before submitting so that there are no mistakes for which your client may remain dissatisfied. Check all typos and spellings.


Websites like have created a record in hiring freelance writers in the year 2013. You may check out this statistics and then think of taking the required steps to get in touch with them.

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