A Closer Look at the 6 Most Common Types of Managed Colocation Services

Most people assume that all managed colocation services are the same, however this couldn’t be further from the truth.  It is important to delineate the differences between the most common options available throughout the colocation marketplace to identifying the best fit for each individual business.

Fully Managed Colocation

Fully managed colocation is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a comprehensive colocation solution which includes all of the different types of distinct services included with colocation packages.  This includes management of system administration, physical hardware assistance, continuous monitoring/response, and data backup/restoration.  In most circles, fully managed colocation is the type of service most often associated with managed colocation providers.  While it is the most expensive option available, it is also the most comprehensive.  Additionally, the higher monthly costs associated with outsourcing server maintenance consistently leads to short and long-term cost savings through expense reduction in other areas and enhanced productivity.

System/Basic Managed Colocation

System administration or basic managed colocation is a slight step down from fully managed colocation.  It covers a range of tasks including operating system reinstalls, installation of third-party software, security updates, and network configuration/troubleshooting.  The purpose of this type of service is to provide routine maintenance as well as resolving major issues.  Most service providers include unlimited basic system administration per month, while setting a cap on the number of hours dedicated to advanced system administration.

Physical Hardware Assistance

This form of colocation focuses solely on hardware.  It includes support for hardware installation, troubleshooting, and spare hardware storage.  While this form of colocation is notably less expensive than a full package, the included services are also extremely limited.

Proactive Response Managed Colocation

Monitoring/proactive response colocation is a service which focuses primarily on ensuring server health.  It does not include any set up, regular maintenance, or hardware replacement services.  This type of solution is ideal for small businesses that prefer their own IT staff to handle a majority of the on-site work but do not want the responsibility of ongoing monitoring or resource management.

Server Backup and Restore Services

Server backup and restore services are considered, in many circles, to not even be a form of managed colocation.  This type of service is designed to provide one thing – data backup and restoration.

Network Equipment Managed Colocation

The final option is focused specifically on network equipment.  This service focuses on monitoring switches, routers, and firewalls for a variety of situations including latency changes, packet loss, traffic spikes, and general uptime/availability.  This service rarely includes the initial configuration, implementation, or engineering tasks.  This form of colocation is particularly beneficial for small businesses trying to establish their own private cloud environment.

As the number of solutions provided by managed Austin colocation providers continues to expand, small businesses will gain even greater flexibility and control over the decision-making process.  It also ensures they are not forced to spend extra money for a one-size-fits-all solution when a customized or piecemeal alternative is better suited for their needs.

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