7 Must Have Plugins For The New Blogger

If you’re just starting out in the world of blogging, choosing the right plugins to enhance your blog can be confusing. There are hundreds of thousands of them out there and many doing the same thing as the next one. Some of these plugins are definitely better than others. If you want to make your day to day life a lot easier with regards to your site, this article can provide you with some very valuable information. The more you learn about these plugins, the better your chances are going to be of getting exactly what you need. The last thing you want to do is to rush into a final decision.

  1. Akismet

Comment spam can be a serious problem for many WordPress users, but Akismet is a great plugin that will allow you to delete junk comments automatically, so you don’t actually have to do any of the work yourself. Any spam comments will be deleted, so you won’t have that headache to deal with anymore. This is definitely one of the better WordPress plugins, simply because of all the work it can potentially save you.

Spam comments have become the bane of many WordPress users’ existence, and this simple but effective plugin can help a lot. The fact is that spam actually hurts your website’s credibility, so it’s therefore important that you actually do something about it. If you want to get rid of this problem, Akismet is a good solution to consider.

  1. BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is a very user-friendly plugin for backup and migration purposes. It will allow you to quickly set up automatic backup schedule for your website. You will be able to store your backups on the cloud so you can rest easy. All WordPress users should have a solid backup plugin like this, because you don’t want to take the risk of not having one.

There are quite a few different backup plugins for WordPress, but this one in particular has a very intuitive design and is highly functional. If you want to keep your WordPress content as safe as possible at all times, this is definitely one plugin that you will want to consider using. If you do not update your site on a regular basis, you will need to create a manual database backup and download WordPress files. BackupBuddy is a simple solution to a very serious issue.

  1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the perfect WordPress plugin for those who use email marketing for their business websites. If you are not already doing this, you should definitely think about it because of how effective it can be. This plugin is by far the best one for increasing email subscribers. It will allow you to create some truly stunning opt-in forms and popups for your WordPress website, converting users to subscribers with ease. Getting users to subscribe to your email newsletter isn’t always easy, but it can be when you have a plugin like this.

You will find that OptinMonster has a very intuitive, user-friendly design that you shouldn’t have any major problems with. It comes loaded with various features, including page-level targeting, analytics, split testing and even exit-intent technology so you can display an opt-in form when a user is about to leave the site. The fact is that there aren’t many other plugins that are quite as effective as this one for those who use email marketing.

  1. Yoast

There is o question that search engines are a huge source of traffic for every single website on the internet. Yoast can be extremely helpful when it comes to increasing the ranking of your website with Google and all other major search engines. This plugin will guide you all the way through the process of creating better content so you can quickly and effectively improve your ranking on search results. It primarily focuses on generating content that your target audience will be interested in, and it is SEO-friendly.

The ultimate goal with Yoast is to help gain the trust of website users and sustain search engine rankings long term. It will make you select a “focus keyword” and use the keyword appropriately in the article you are writing. There is also a page analysis feature, which checks if you have used the focus keyword everything, including the description, headings and the body of the post. It can help you improve the way your page/posts look on search results with the Snippet Preview feature.

  1. W3 Total Cache

WordPress caching is definitely one of the more effective ways to improve the overall performance of your site. The basic idea of caching involves storing the website data temporarily in the cache that it loads significantly faster the next time the user opens the same page. If you want to enable caching in WordPress, you will be able to use WordPress caching plugins. W3 Total Cache is one of the more popular plugins, and it’s also probably the best option available for WordPress users right now.

There are a number of great features that you will get with W3 Total Cache, including page cache, database cache, database caching, object caching, browser caching and much more. It will also let you integrate CDN services to reduce page load time. You will find that it offers options to minify and HTTP compression of the HTML, JS and CSS files so that you can save a ton of bandwidth.

WordPress Hosting

While it is certainly important for you to find the right plugins to use with WordPress, it’s also important that you take the time to look into WordPress specific hosting such as the packages offered by HostPresto.com for example. These specialized hosting services will allow you to avoid all kinds of problems in the future, so you will be able to run your site as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The fact of the matter is that most hosts do not cater specifically to WordPress users, but there are these options available if you take the time to do some research. A WordPress host could be one of the best decisions you have ever made for your website.

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